“Espai GUSTAVO”: A Dream Comes True.
The doors were opened to the public for the first time on Sunday, December 8, and on January 22, 2020 the new art gallery “Espai GUSTAVO” was officially inaugurated. A new gallery and a cultural space (= espai) for Gustavo's artwork has now moved into the former bakery "Can Ángel" at Calle Mayor 10 in the heart of Capdepera in the northeast part of the Spanish island Majorca.
In the “espai GUSTAVO” visitors will find a permanent exhibition showing the artist's latest works as well as screen prints, sculptures and other objects carrying his signature. Following the wish of the artist, the “espai” will be more than just an art gallery, it will also be a lively and dynamic place to meet. Once a month, Gustavo's daughter and journalist Bettina offers a free guided tour of the exhibition in German, and further complementary cultural activities are planned in this colorful atmosphere.
It is a gallery in which every detail is thought trough well concepted, transforming the visit into a pleasurable experience, where the visitor can admire Gustavo's grotesque characters in absurd situations in all sizes and formats. From oil paintings, prints and sculptures to tiles, cups, wine bottles, magnets, puzzles, T-shirts and other typical objects of the artist, a lot of things to discover are on display. Opposite the gallery there is a typical and ancient bar called Can Patilla: If you are lucky, you can meet the artist there some mornings, as he likes to drink his coffee in the bar and to chat to the locals.
All in all, the village of Capdepera has gained a great exhibition space: great in the sense of the space itself and also in the sense of the artwork. In times when more and more galleries are closing, Gustavo is once again swimming against the current and by becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 80 and by opening Capdepera's first private art gallery.

Monday - Friday 10:30 - 13 h / 17 - 19 h
Saturday 11 - 13 h
Carrer Mayor 10, Capdepera.
Tel. +34 971 677 973 

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